Thursday, May 6, 2010

And then I thought...

New book club: Reading Montreal

Reading Montreal: a new book club for people who read, write, and are interested in getting to know more about Montreal's long literary tradition through group reading, discussion, presentations. There are a number of possible ways such a group could operate, eg monthly meetings at which members review their favourite books by Montreal writers. Or we might focus on "the Montreal novel" (is there such a thing? what are some examples?), review a particular decade, or delve into issues that have inspired writers working in this city: such as the recurring theme of "two solitudes." How have different ethnic communities experienced and written about this city ... and the province and country it is part of? These are just a few suggestions. Next question: who is interested in becoming part of such a group? And what would you like to get out of it?

Email Ann Diamond with your ideas and preferences, and let's see if over the summer we can develop a reading list and start a whole new process of discovering this city, and ourselves, through Montreal writing.

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