Thursday, January 7, 2016

MURDER OF TIME - Manufacturing Terror

For deeper insights into how the War on Terror really works –and how governments fake terrorist threats to justify repressive anti-terrorist laws and technology-- I highly recommend Matthew Pauly's disturbing (and quirky) memoir THE MURDER OF TIME.

An unforgettable account of an unwitting Canadian's forced recruitment into the bizarre world of cross-border black ops -- first as a victim, targeted by a team of rogue intelligence agents operating in his own neighbourhood, and later as a helplessly drugged, programmed assassin forced to kill a stranger on the streets of an American city.

Matthew, a software designer, has just started a new job at Toronto's Pearson Airport when two freak events at work - a plane crash and a tornado – trigger his untreated PTSD and put him on stress leave. Memories flood back of being kidnapped and programmed in a van on the streets of Toronto by a shadowy agency using military mind control technology to manufacture "domestic terror' suspects.

Tortured to make him scream phony terror threats in Arabic, Matthew (who knows no Arabic) confesses on video to a non-existent plot to blow up the CN tower in downtown Toronto.

Sound familiar?

I met Matthew Pauly last winter while passing through Toronto. I'd got in touch with him after reading a comment he posted at the McGill Daily website, in response to an article detailing McGill's involvement in CIA research to create Manchurian candidates or mind-controlled assassins. He had written a book for which he needed editorial assistance. I'm the author of a memoir describing my childhood growing up in (and out of) the MKULTRA program based at McGill. I've also researched and written extensively on how several generations have been impacted by trauma-based mind control.

When we met for the first time in the Toronto bus terminal, Matthew was wearing a bullet proof vest. He took me across the street to Starbucks where we talked for an hour and he gave me a print copy of his book, MURDER OF TIME. I read the first half after reboarding my bus heading west on the 403. I have no doubt that Matthew is what he claims to be: the victim of a secretive program that has been operating in Canada (and across North America) since the 1950s. How he was selected to be part of this strange universe and a pawn of powerful forces, is a story worth rereading (and sharing). MURDER OF TIME reads like an action movie, which is likely why it caught the attention of Sean Stone who interviewed him before the book was finished.

Matthew is quintessentially Canadian - polite to a fault, ever conscious of the niceties, constantly trying to play by the rules even when he's face to face with the hair-raising evil of a cross-border "Joint Task Force" that kidnaps and tortures him one night inside a white van parked on a bland Toronto street.

Do read MURDER OF TIME, recommend it to everyone you know - not just because it's the strangest and most terrifying book to come out in Canada this year -- but most of all because it's true. Then, prepare yourself for the sequel.


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